Love this place


Everything is now confirmed for my solo show at Gosforth Civic Theatre (GCT It will run from July 20th to September 14th, and include other events, as below:

July 20th, 5.30-7.00 pm, drinks reception and preview evening

July 31st, 7.15-8.30pm, informal gallery talk with the artist

September 2nd:

2.00-4.30pm, Garden Party raising funds for the Parkinson’s Disease Society

4.30-6.30, Creative Writing Workshop led by local writer and tutor Ellen Phethean, followed by open reading with invited guests


The exhibition expresses my personal connection to Gosforth, Newcastle and the North East.  It was inspired by my family’s journeys, from here to Leeds and back, and explores the emotional and physical spaces in between.  The work is dedicated to the women in my family, particularly my grandmother, mother, daughter and granddaughter, a ‘matri-line’ who share the family name- Eleanor.

I work as a ‘psychogeographer’, first returning to explore Gosforth, and the Northumberland coast, then setting out on a solo walk of 140 miles from my home in Leeds to my daughter’s home in Newcastle- walking the ‘matri-line’- gathering and recording images and the ‘stuff of place’.

My creative ‘communing’ with important spaces and places has produced a large body of work in a range of media, including alternative process photography, rubbings, hand-made books, kinetic traces from walking movement and wave action, and artefacts from deconstructed map materials.

My ‘moving’ story resonates across the years, with the lives of migrants of all kinds.  It explores the meaning/s of ‘home’ and ‘belonging’, and speaks of the emergence of women’s ‘freedom of movement’ and independence, our ability to stand our ground- to fully inhabit who we are and where we are from.

3 thoughts on “Love this place

  1. Hi Lesley,

    It was lovely to bump into you today and hear all about your exciting exhibition.

    I’m looking forward to finding out more about your Gosforth and Salters Road memories.


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  2. Hi Lesley, I’m going to try to come up Sept 2nd. I am away for opening but want to see the exhibition and will combine it with a visit to Northumberland. Hope final prep goes smoothly. Liz

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