Getting back here now


I’ve been away in Scotland, having handed in the last module stuff for MA.  Hand-in seems to leave me feeling tired of it all!  Unfortunately.  Then getting back from hols and hand-in seems to be a slow process.

The assessment is weird too. It’s the sense of being judged by someone else (authoritative) hitting my own fragile sense of who I am as an artist (which still feels uncomfortable for me to ‘own’).  So the jolly cake I made for someone in Leeds Creative Timebank is a good image to counteract the angsty feelings.  I have another request now for cakes, for the Tea and Tolerance project (creative response to the Bull Lane Mosque in York offering tea and cake to defuse the anger of English Defence League protesters after the killing of Lee Rigby- cake, such a healing thing).

So, as usual, everything is fine except my unsettled mood.

I have three months or so to record the next stage of the MA ‘journey’. I went to Sunny Bank Mills yesterday to get the exhibition materials back.  I was really pleased to get a commendation from the show, and Jane has kept some of the stones, and asked me to frame some more of the photos, for potential sale in the gallery shop.

Have also taken lots of digital and film photographs for producing liquid light and cyanotype images on different substrates (including some wonderful flat, pale grey stones from Scottish beach).  Planning to produce these for Chapel Allerton Arts Festival (and maybe in my favourite local cafe), Love Arts Festival, as well as for myself and bespoke items for presents etc.

The End of Equality meeting is less than 2 weeks away now.  We have over 70 women booked in and lots of ideas for recording/harvesting.  This is exciting and a little bit scary.

I am going to propose setting up a camera obscura in Project 105 on Chapeltown Road in response to an open invitation for such ideas to engage people and support community in the area.

So it’s a busy time- need to schedule the work, as well as several other things that are happening.  Better get on…

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