Research: overthoughts


I am nearing the end of playing catch up with recording all my multifarious research activities.  So I need to reflect on better ways than this- writing up so much work, at the last minute!  I make raw notes all the time but they need refinement and distillation down to the main learning points.  This blog works well for this but needs to be kept up to date, and also needs to incorporate subject tags so that I can find and retrieve information.  This is a key learning point in itself.  If I had written a weekly update entry, all this would have been done already!!  My picture files are another very good aide-memoire, and I also need to spend time regularly organising and reflecting on these.  So, there is a patchiness to this account that has resulted from time pressure and failures of memory about things that happened some time ago.

As well as the activities described here, I have also had a good old wander around the college library, made full use of advice from my tutor and other college staff, attended Bianca’s reading group, and had a fantastic experience of peer-learning from crits and conversations with our talented and supportive MA group.

So it’s hard to record it all because there is so much- much more than I have been able to record- but it is there, I have learned so much.

Good habits are needed for the future.

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