Stepping out


November sky, Roundhay Park.

Nearly two weeks since my last blog, and just over halfway through the 6 weeks healing period after my new hip was installed.

Not much has happened and a great deal has happened, at the same time.  I can barely remember the acute phase- vulnerability, shocked body, drugs, anxiety about swollen legs, spectacular bruising, dodgy bowels, seeping wound sites, pain….  The post-op amnesia is very powerful.  I’m struggling to remember even now, and people who’ve had hip replacements longer ago mostly say they can’t remember things, but the experience is so vivid at the time.

So, all of the above anxieties have receded.  The swelling and bruising has almost gone, even though I was warned it could take months for the leg to get back to normal size (I’ve been sleeping with my leg elevated).  Have stopped most of the drugs- just have to take the anti-coagulant for another week or two.  Don’t even need paracetamol for pain relief now, having been on it for the arthritis pain for a year or more.  The wound has healed really well and I’m walking without crutches, easily.  I’m building up the length of walks outside with a bit of care (and a stick for stability- I don’t want to fall over).  The picture above is from yesterday’s outing to beautiful, cold, bright Roundhay Park.  I’m more confident about managing the hip precautions out and about- seat and toilet heights etc….

Freedom and walking, walking, walking beckons.  I’m a little bit impatient so need to be careful.  I can tell I am recovering still because I’m tired, mentally drained.  I wonder how long it takes to recover from blood loss.  My appetite is still poor and I have lost weight (I need to!).  I’m starting to reinstate activities but want to be careful about it.  I would like to be less busy and have more of the time and space I have appreciated over the past weeks- I LOVE reading and thinking.  But I’m seeing friends, getting down to the coffee shop, my book group and singing group met here last week and more regular things are getting slotted in.  Alison from Kendal was here overnight last week and Mary from Bristol is coming for a couple of nights this week.  I might try going to the pictures soon.  Have managed to visit Mum throughout, as well as participate in her birthday weekend, a week ago.  The list of stuff to do is re-emerging- things for Mum, art projects, planning meals, nights out, social things, putting my nice life back together again.

So that’s all good then, as they say on W1A.

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