Did some work!

It seems very common for us artists (particularly those of us who are relatively new to even calling ourselves artists) to feel guilty about not doing enough. It’s been hard for me to focus over this strange year of Covid, and there have been lots of changes in my personal life- big move from Leeds back to Newcastle, divorce and the death of my mum after 20-plus years as her main carer.

Ideas are never in short supply but the wherewithal to DO often is. Here are a few encouraging signs that I might be ready to get working again.

I was grateful to hear about a couple of call-outs for work which were a spur to action.

I sent a couple of postcard-sized pieces to the Horsebridge in Whitstable for their Post Hope show (the one shown below even sold!)

The Northern Print Workshop put out a call for 8×8 inch prints under the heading Small Pleasures, so I got my cyanotype kit out and did a series of prints of the sweet peas I grew in my garden this summer.

Someone who knows my work bought a piece for a Christmas present, as below, which was really encouraging. Commissions accepted, prices very reasonable. Do let me know if you might have special plants or things you would like to be made into cyanotype prints?

I’m writing more and recently had a poem published on Diamond Twig, the fabulous Ellen Phethean’s website. https://ellenswriting.home.blog/poem-of-the-month-2/?fbclid=IwAR2FKYphtyQiZP7GlzzY043BC6OnR9QRgKMKZ0KZnBL31MTkykvkV2lbc7s

My previous blog on here tells about doing swim traces with my swimming friends.

So all is not lost! I feel as if I am emerging from a phase of being rather preoccupied with all the changes in my life, especially making a new home and life for myself up here in Newcastle. Time now for more Art.

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