these boots

Here is a flyer for an exhibition of artwork from my ‘Matri-line’ walk.  I will be doing a talk and hosting a conversation about it on May 18th at Cafe Lento.

these boots…

these boots 001 (2)

Café Lento, May 18th – Jun 7th

Opening event, artist’s talk and hosted conversation 7pm, May 18th

 these boots… is a show of work which visually records a solo walk by local artist, Lesley Wood.  In May last year Lesley spent two weeks journeying from Leeds to Newcastle.  This project was devised as an exercise in feminist psychogeography, retracing the journey her family took from Newcastle to Leeds when she was 12.  Her daughter, who grew up in Leeds, now lives in Newcastle with her family, including a baby granddaughter, a couple of miles away from the original family home.  Lesley’s mother still lives in Leeds.

So this journey explored the resonant, wild and beautiful spaces in between four generations of women, gathering and recording along the way and generating the artwork presented in the show.

Themes of home, belonging and people’s connection to place were also important on this journey, especially at a time when our responsibility for respecting and caring for our beautiful home planet is being so sorely tested.

The event is part of the Headingley Festival of Ideas, this year on the theme Journey

Space for the opening evening is limited so please book your place here these boots tickets

See you there.

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