The Friends


The Friends

Bringing chocolate and memories to Betty.

Her delight in seeing me expressed as always:

“Love you to bits”

“What times we had”

“Happy days”

In a voice which grew up on Gosforth streets

Like me and her best friend, my Mum.

“What a lovely surprise”

Repeated, echoes down the corridor as I walk away.


Time with Mum comes in shorter spells now,

So diminished,

Sentences run aground in your mouth:

Words unsaid but meanings understood.

I hold your hand,

I smell your oldlady smells,

I taste the sweeties I bring you,

See your shrunken body and feel your bony back,

As I hug you goodbye and tell you that I love you,

You say you love me too.

The air here tastes lonely but is piquant with trying- still to be.

Music puts you back together,

Your muscles move in time and your smile returns.

You are still joyful, sometimes,


One thought on “The Friends

  1. Oh Lesley – that is so lovely
    What beautiful words and I can feel the emotions that run through

    I really appreciate you sending the link and have forwarded it onto the girls to see



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